INTERBUSCH Buschmann International Plant-Tuning presents

BUSCHMANN's [P]hosphoderma

previously known as "FLOWER ONLY"

Phosphoderma is a water soluble granulate, especially made for flowering plants.
Phosphoderma is suitable for all crops, vegetables and ornamentals.


Phosphoderma is a special trichoderma formula,
which purely concentrates on enhancing the growth of the actual bud,
unlike other Trichoderma-Mix products, which enhance the growth of the entire plant.
In addition Phosphoderma is an accelerated provider of nutritious phosphorus (N-P-K) for your plants,
in order to reach maximum growing results.
Phosphoderma itself, is a genus of fungi that is present in all soils, where they are the most prevalent cultivable fungi.
Many species in this genus can be characterized as opportunistic a virulent plant symbiotic,
and serve as well as protection for your roots from unwanted parasites.
Phosphoderma, is a water soluble granulate and is
specially made for flowering plants.
The host plant will be provided with an accelerated amount of daily nutrition (+P) provided by the implemented fungus.

We recommend to use Phosphoderma from the earliest seedling stage on.
The early use of Phosphoderma also maximizes your product output.
1g per tray, holding up to 150 plants.
Just add 2 tablespoons Phosphoderma every time you change pots to maintain maximum growth results.

Please use Phosphoderma as directed.

Dosage: 1g/L/m²

Don't apply directly into the water supply! Over usage will lower your soil PH levels and can cause damage to your plants.
Please check all your other grow products for fungi repellents, or unwanted fungi spoors which could harm Phosphoderma results!

Soak the substrate: 1g-2g per liter.
Repot at each: 1g per liter.
1x every 2-3 weeks: 1g per liter per m².
100% Quality
optimized for increased (P) adaptation of flowering plants.
protecting a targeted early colonization of roots from many unwanted harmful fungi and diseases.
(root rot, stem rot, black rot, gray mold, Fusarium, etc..)

is ideal for production Plants & SoB.
fast & vigorous rooting
multiples enlargement of the root surface
savings through improved uptake of fertilizer
for all substrates and systems
increased dry weight by compact flowers
[P]hosphoderma does not increase the EC and includes
100% Bio-Granule, Algas, Phosphoderma
Dry substance: ~85-90%
Soil aid. Water-soluble granulate.
Phosphoderma Effects (Table)