INTERBUSCH Buschmann International Plant-Tuning presents

BUSCHMANN's [P]hosphoderma

previously known as "FLOWER ONLY"
is a water soluble granules, especially for flowering plants only
is suitable for all crops, vegetables and ornamentals
If you were using a Trichoderma mix, who just this,
as you would to grow and flourish use the same fertilizer!
Each plant has only one times 100% roots!
If you confirm this 100% with a mix preparation,
                 Divide the effect by the number of included in the mix effects
                 If they use Phosphoderma single preparation, they increase the ONLY effect
                 the increased + P transfer, and thus receive significantly more buds approaches.
Phosphoderma is made for
fast & vigorous rooting
multiples enlargement of the root surface
savings through improved uptake of fertilizer
for all substrates and systems
increased dry weight by compact flowers
Phosphoderma is economical
only 1 gram -> per Liter -> per m²
Phosphoderma does not increase the EC and includes
100% Bio-Granule, Algas, Phosphoderma
Dry substance: ~85-90%
Soil aid. Water-soluble granulate.
Phosphoderma Roots
Phosphoderma HowTo
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